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HISPANICA DE CALDERERIA, S.A.L., was founded in May 1990 succeeding DOMO,
S.A., a company that had great prestige in the boiler manufacturing industry, inheriting its
experience, qualified personnel, technology and “know-how”.
A group of senior people in DOMO S.A., together with some other highly qualified DOMO
workers, thought that it was a very good moment to create a new company taking advantage of
the technology, machinery, working procedures and skilled labour of DOMO.
HISPANICA DE CALDERERIA, was founded after carefully studying the market
opportunities and then making a major effort to obtain a share of the market in manufacturing
storage tanks and pressure vessels for refineries,petrochemical plants, nuclear power plants,
combined cycle power plants, oil storage plants, etc.
For many years HISPANICA DE CALDERERIA has maintained a policy of growth, based
on the reinvestment of its profits in the company, in order to meet the demand for products
required by its customers. This led to the creation of the company INOXVESSEL, S.A. in 1997
for manufacturing stainless steel pressure vessels and tanks. Also in 2000 the company MH
MONTAJES METALICOS, S.A., located in Puertollano (Ciudad Real) was acquired. The
activities of this company were focussed on the maintenance and repair of all kinds of industrial
plants as well as the supply and assembly of pipe systems.
Today the expected objectives have been achieved and we appreciate the confidence that
our customers have placed in us. We expect tomaintain and expand through daily collaboration
with our customers and by incorporating the latest technology in the manufacturing of pressure
vessels in our workshop as well as the erection of tanks on site.